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 Terraria Apk:Developed by Re-Logic and published by 505 Games, Terraria is a 2-D activity experience amusement game which was first discharged in May 2011. Let’s look at the game with more details and see what it has to offer to its users.

Terraria Apk

Terraria APK is a 2-D sandbox game in which the main objective of the player is to move forward by completing various tasks such as constructing, digging, restoring etc. All the processes are done or takes place in a proceedingly developed 2-D world.

 It’s a form of classic Nintendo games with extra bit of features engulfed in it to make it look more appeasing. More than 15 million duplicates of the diversion have been sold till the finish of 2016. 

The game was earlier released for Microsoft Windows only, after some time only it was released for other platforms also. It also contains some in-app purchases.

·       Download Terraria Apk full version free-

Here’s a link to download Terraria apk full version-

The game can also be found in Playstore for Android and Applestore for IOS platform.

·       System Requirements-
The game is neither some really heavy one nor does it require some major graphics. It can easily run on a system with the most basic specifications.

Developer- Re-Logic
Minimum RAM-512 MB
Recommended RAM – 1 GB
Android – 3.0(Honeycomb) and above.
Game size- 95.8 MB
Contains In app purchases upto Rs 317 per item.
For IOS devices- Iphone 4 and above , IOS 7 or higher.
Internet connection – Not necessary

·      Game’s Backdrop-
1.    The Game- The game’s main focus lies with the player to collect different resources and items and move forward in the game. In other words, the amusement starts with the player collecting assets while doing different exercises like building, mining utilizing diverse instruments.

For example, swords, tomahawks and so forth. The players need to do this utilizing the guide provided in the game itself. The other stuff involved in it are crafting recipes , inventive techniques and methods.

2.    Features- The game has many different features for every manner and situation. The game in its creative terms is quite good and innovative. The game involves Houses ( It is a construction built where the Non Playable Characters can respawn with each house allocated to each NPC) , different weapons to contest against foes such as swords, spears, yoyo’s, guns, wands, ,grenades, axe, flails, staffs, bows, spell books etc.
The enemies are also present in a wide variety with ranging from small ones to the bosses of each level. Some examples of enemies are slimes, zombies, soul eaters, worms, goblins, hornets, spiders, necromancers and many more.

 Other than these basic enemies, there are also Bosses such as The Flying Dutchman, Skeletron, Twins, Destroyer etc.

You will be surprised to know that the game consists of more than 500 unique enemies with unique strengths and weaknesses.

3.    Modes- The game also consists of more than one modes of play. This is to make sure that the game is compatible with every type of player (from noobies to experts).
 One mode is Hardmode, this mode is substantially harder than the basic level. The game changes lastingly to Hardmode once the player defeats Walls of Flesh boss.

 Hardmode poses newer and harder challenges to the user but also allows them to explore and delve different and advanced levels. Hardmode also enhances weapons and spells which makes missions truly interesting.

                        Another mode is Expert mode, it is an optional mode in the game because it’s quite difficult as compared to previous modes. The enemies become stronger and have more damage resistance.

 The hunt for different items and recipes becomes tougher. It’s often recommended for beginners not to indulge in expert mode without getting experienced with previous modes.
                          Another feature of the game is NPC’s i.e Non Playable Characters, this includes characters which helps player to proceed further in the game but these characters cannot be choosen for playing purpose. Wizard, Cyborg, Pirate, Truffle are some of the NPC’s.

4.    Multiplayer- Multiplayer option allows you to play the game with your colleagues. There are some quests and components available in the multiplayer mode only. You can go as one on one or team vs team.

Terraria Apk for android

·        Review –
The games reviews were quite pleasing and satisfying and was also applauded by critics. Both IGN and Gamezone gave 9/10 ratings to Terraria while both Gamespot and Destructroid gave 8/10. The game is also a bit criticised for its resemblance with Minecraft but it is too harsh to downvote such a innovative game over this reason.

Playstore has given 4.1 rating to the game and acclaimed the game for its high diversity and creativity. 


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