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           Bully Apk Download Free

                        Released by the infamous Rockstar Games, Bully Anniversary Edition is the raid of Rockstar Games into the school backyard. Let’s look more closely how high bids of this game are.

                       Bully Anniversary Edition is an action-adventure game which is similar to its PC counterpart Bully Scholarship Edition but it is made for android platform unlike latter one which was developed for PC, X box, Playstation etc.
                         The game explores the life of a 15 year old Jimmy Hopkins as he dwells into a system of bad and corrupt authority simultaneously dealing with bullies and big bad guys. The game was specifically developed for smaller platforms like IOS and Android. The game’s mission are devised in such a way that they are quite good even though the premise of the game is limited by the area and conditions of the school.

·       Download Bully Apk / Bully Android-
Here’s a link to download bully for free-

               The game is also available in Playstore for Android users and in Applestore for IOS users.( Although the game is banned in many countries due to explicit violence and bullying actions.)

·       System Requirements-
Developer- Rockstar Games
Game size- 2.94 GB
Android version- 4.1( Jellybean) and above
Content Rating- 18+ / 15+ ( Content Rating varies from country        to country).
Minimum RAM – 2 GB
      For good gaming experience- Nvidia Shield ; Redmi 2s, IPhone       5,6 and above,Samsung Galaxy S5,S6 and above, Sony Xperia Z      series, Google Pixel, HTC M9 etc.
Internet connection- Not required ( Required for multiplayer   mode, preferably 4G).

·      Game’s Backdrop-

1.    Location- The location of the game is Bullworth Academy, a hostel cum school somewhere near New England region  in USA ( infact the location and school are made up). The game captures the build up of boarding school quite well athough in reality, it takes hostel life way too seriously.
                          The location consists of everything a simple school or academy would have such as Library, Hostel , different labs. A map is also provided so as to navigate through these places. In terms of region, the game could have been a bad one due to its limitations of being in just one region but the developer’s did a great job in creating a place confined but still adventureous.

 2.    Gameplay- The game requires the player to do various missions throughout. The missions could be anywhere from beating up and facing bullies to damaging properties. There are also smaller missions such as kissing girls, dissecting animals etc. The main part although is different than most people presumes the game to be. The game does not promotes bullying, as a matter of fact, the game’s message was to step up against bullies. This message becomes clear as we reach to the end of the game.
                         The game has a really creative story with different characters and groups such as Bullies, Nerds, Jocks, Greasers etc. The hypocrisy of authorities, influence of rich and power of strong are some of the issues tackled in the game. The game has a strong resemblance to its previous Rockstar Games productions such as GTA San Andreas and Vice City as each one of them provides ample of freedom to the user which is a trademark of these games.

3.    Lead Character / Other Character-
The Lead Character is a 15 year old boy Jimmy Hopkins who has been left for boarding school by his mother and his step father as they both are leaving for their honeymoon. Jimmy doesn’t like his new father at all and has disbelief over his mother’s decisions. Still, he is a tough, resilient and tenacious boy who’s not frightened of anyone. 
            Another important character is the antagonist Gary Smith (a person with superiority complex), who is cunning and slick. Other character’s include Peter Kowalski, Zoe, The headmaster Crabblesnitch etc.

4.    Graphics and Controls-
The designing of game and visuals are remarkable as they always have been for Rockstar Games. The depiction of school is well managed. The lighting of the game is well adjusted with good resolution. The graphics and texture looks better in IOS platform as compared to other platforms.
                       The controlling of the game is smooth with movement controlled by your left thumb and other things such as jumping, boxing, punching, holding are on the right side of the screen. Map is also available on top of the screen for easy navigation. The display as well as controls are quite enhanced so as to suite the smaller screen.

·      Download Bully android Mod apk-

Here’s a link to download bully apk-

 Other game's whom you want to download or learn about, you can do it here for game's such as Assassin's Creed Identity etc .
Here’s a link to bully apk data download-

·      How to install –
1.    Click on the link given above.
2.    Download the mod file.
3.    Extract using Winrar if it is in compressed form.
4.    Install the mod file.
5.    Copy the Opaque Binary Blob files (obb) to the game’s folder.
6.    Launch the game and enjoy.

·      Review- Bully: Anniversary Edition-
1.    TouchArchade- The game has been given a full 5 stars by Touch Archade critics which is a bit surprising but fully deserving. They have given positive reviews for the game complimenting it’s graphics, textures etc. They praised how the game takes the touch of GTA world into the school world. They also liked how developers has used their preceding resources, their exceptional controls and high resolution and lived upto their reputation. The game feels quite alive and truly ingenious.

2.    PlayStore- Playstore has given a good 4.6 rating to Bully- Anniversary Edition. They applauded the shades and lighting effects. They also liked the gorgeous captivating Touchsense added in the game. The cloud service of the game is also truly great with rational and perceptive controls. Inclusive of all, the game is outstanding for an android version of Bully.

3.    Gameaxis- Gameaxis media gave 8/10 rating to Bully. They appreciated the story build up of the game which gives the user nostalgic walk down the memory highway. But they also describes the unsettled perception of playing an open world game for long periods of time. They also praised the mini games that you can play with your friends online and credited the creative team for their inventive and profilic thinking.

                       Overall, Bully-Anniversary Edition is one of the must-play games of recent times. The class of Rockstar Games with accession of boarding school makes it an enchanting and alluring game. 

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