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Bloons TD 5 APK: It is a game developed and published by Ninja Kiwi. It is the 5th installment in the series of Bloons Tower Defense game. Let’s look at the game more closely and have some reviews about what the game has to deliver.
bloons td 5 apk

                      BTD 5 APK is the fifth part of the series in which the players main objective is to burst balloons which are called bloons by setting up towers which can blowout the balloons. The balloons are constantly moving, therefore they after some time becomes harder to pop. 
        For this different other strategies are present like gluing, stopping, freezing etc so that the balloons can be popped in time before the balloons can reach the end of the path. The balloon can enter additionally from more than one location which makes the game a bit difficult but interesting. There are many variations in towers, balloons which get unlocked as you slowly proceed further in the game.

·       Bloons TD 5 Apk –
Here’s a link to download Bloons TD 5 free BTD 5 APK  

The game conventionally can also be downloaded from Playstore for android and IOS for Apple users.

·       System Requirements-

Developer – Ninja Kiwi
Download size – 83.2 MB
Android – 4.1 (Jellybean) and above
Content Rating- 3+
Minimum RAM- 2 GB
Contains In app purchases
Internet Connection Required (preferably 4G)

Any moderate device can easily run the game as it does not require much specification and have low graphics.

·      Game’s Backdrop-

1.    The Game- The primary intentions of the game is stopping the balloons (bloons) from reaching the end of the path by popping them up. There are multiple passages,openings and outlets for the bloons.

                The act of bursting the bloons is done by placing towers in certain locations which then pops the bloons and completes the level. The player gets awarded with points for popping bloons and losses points and life when unpopped bloons reaches the end of the path.

2.     Features- The game contains many different and unique features which give a good grip to the game. There are a number of different bloons in the game and each type of bloon having their own properties and distinct ways in which they can be burst.                            
The different bloons are diverse colored like- red, green, blue, pink, yellow, white, grey etc. The other type is, for eg- rainbow, ceramic, blimps and zebra bloons. Together these are called MOAB (Massive Ornary Air Blimps). Other bloons such as DDT       ( dark dirigible titan ), BFB ( brutal flying behemoth) and most powerful and hard bloon ZOMG are also present.

3.    Towers- Apart from many preventive methods, the fundamental game plan is to place towers to burst bloons and win. Just like bloons , there are many towers also having their own unique and distinct features.

 Some towers are capable of popping some bloons while they might not be able to do the same with other ones. The towers. The tower’s abilities can be enhanced further in the game. This all can be achieved using coins earned in the game.

              Other than all these things which are common to all the Bloons TD series, Bloons TD 5 has revised visuals and enhanced gameplay. Introduction to daily challenge makes the game more engaging and compelling.

 There’s also an addition of new tower called ‘Monkey sub’ and the new submarine is also introduced. A new level of difficulty is also joined called “Extreme” level where you cannot save your game which justifies why it is called “extreme” level.


·      Bloons Tower Defence 5 Mod-
Just like mod of every game such as Mini Militia Mod , My Boy Emulator , here’s a link Bloons TD 5 Mod apk for free. Just click on the link given below-

·      Features of BTD 5 mod-

1.    You are given unlimited coins which makes purchasing different items piece of cake.

2.    Almost every upgrade is unlocked in this version.

3.    Unlimited dollars are also provided.

4.    Different modes are activated like Double Cash, Healthy Bananas.

5.    You can also buy the super-combo pack as it is unlocked by default.

·       How to install Pro Pack-

1.    Firstly, click on the link above to download the mod apk. Make sure you have uninstalled the previously downloaded BTD 5 as it may produce some error during the installation of modded apk.

2.    The download might be blocked by your antivirus/ phone. You can change this by checking the “Download from external sources” in your phone settings.

3.    Then make sure to turn off your internet data or your wifi.

4.    After downloading, run the apk through package installer. A warning may be given but select “Download anyway”.

5.    When the installation is complete, run the apk by clicking on it. You can also turn on your data after this.

6.    You may be asked to update the app but make sure to decline it everytime.

7.    This is it, simple as that and now you are ready to pop some bloons.

So, all that step you have to do in order to install Bloons TD 5 for free and enjoy its unlimited time of fun and entertainment.

·      Review of Bloons TD 5 APK-

1.    Playstore- Playstore has given a 4.4 rating to the game. They liked how the game graphics even though without much detailing, are still compelling. The animations are also persuasive.

 They gave 4.5 rating to both Gameplay and Graphics and 4.4 to controls. Also the game is quite friendly and can be played by a person of any age. The game is fulfilling as well as satisfying and engages the user to itself.

2.    Metacritic – Metacitic has given 79/100 to Bloons TD 5.  The rating given is quite good as compared to its previous versions. This is evident from the fact that Bloons TD 4 has been given a mere 69/100. 

They praised the glorious visuals and liked how the game delivers lots of leisure time and contests new players as well as old ones alike. The game is better and more addictive than its previous versions.

3.    Gamezebo- This critic site has labeled a moderate rating of 3.5/5 to the game. They have given a mixed review of the game which many consider being an honest review. 

They acclaimed how the game has so much variety at each aspect with a great excitement but also criticised the game for its lags at above levels. They also disliked how the game targets at the investment of premium currency further in the game.

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Overall it is a great and entertaining apk.The game has a large number of merits and a few de-merits, but overall the game is impressive and has the ability to hook up the user to itself. Bloons TD 5  is a must play game for every tower defense gamer. Another Tower Defense you might want to take a look is Kingdom Rush Origins Apk,it is really a good game and you won't be disappointed.

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