Gripping story, sublime graphics, daring missions and easy controls makes ASSASSIN’S CREED IDENTITY APK an excellent game for android users. Let’s look up what this game has to offer for its audience.

Assassin’s creed identity apk is a action-adventure game role-playing game released by UBISOFT in September 2016. It is a role playing game with the main/lead character having several identities which justifies the name of the game. Some of the identities are free while others have to be unlocked through in-app purchases. 

For eg: Berserker, Shadowblade, Trickster are available as free identities while Thief identity have to purchased. The concept of different identities is used to provide various abilities to the lead character to progress in the game. Like the Trickster identity helps in tricking the enemy.

· Where to find the game ?

Conventionally, game can easily be downloaded from the Playstore in android phones and in Apple store in Ios.

But we know what you are actually looking for.

Here’s a link to Download Free Assassins Creed Apk below

· System requirements

Game size-1.09 GB
Android OS version-Jelly Bean(4.1 and above)
Minimum RAM-2 GB
For best gaming experience-  Nvidia Shield with Pixel C, Samsung Galaxy S5,S6 and S8, HTC 1M9, Sony Xperia Z3, IPhone 5,6,6s etc.
Internet Connection Required (4G recommended).
You can also swap between IOS and Android device by linking your account with Facebook.

It also contains some in-app purchases.

·       Game’s Backdrop

The game is set in around the time of Italian renaissance. The main places present are Rome and Florence. The player has to move these places and compete their missions.

 Other places are also included which unlock after completing some missions or finding some special items. The location is quite realistic when compared to the actual region of Italy. The minuted details of the monuments and buildings makes the game look more practical and realistic.


The game consists of many missions which have to be completed. These missions are mainly fixed around the First Civilization and the Crows gang. There are 16 mission type present in the game from which the user can choose from. Online ,you can also choose or take help from other players to help you finish your objective.


The lead character can choose from 4 different identities namely Berserker, Shadowblade, Trickster and Thief. Each one of them have their own unique capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. The player then can also be trained and developed further in the game. Basically ,player has to go around doing free running , climbing, jumping, parkour and calisthenics. Also the player can select from various outfits and clothing with multiple colours. Further completing the game ,the player can also modify current and default outfits and create according to their own likes , personalize and design their own assassin themselves.


The game has quite intriguing and fascinating with a lot of focus concentrated around detailing of location. From costumes and gear of assassin to the picture perfect depiction of Italian renaissance , the game is well picturised.

Controlling the character could be bit complicated for a first timer due to small screen which can makes movement a little difficult. But with the prescence of Floating Key point , movement controlling and adjusting the camera is quite easy. Map equipping makes locating regions and reaching some difficult accessible places facile.

·      Assassin’s Creed IDENTITY Mod Apk:

Although the game is appealing but quite sometimes it becomes hard enough for people to reach forward in the game. Here Mod apk helps beginner level user to complete missions. There are many forums and sites providing you with different sets of mods. We will also be providing links of some of the sites down below. The new mods contains-

1.Enhanced balancing and design.
2.Advanced weapons and unique outfits.
3.Several items unlocked beforehand.
4.Other fixes and improvements.

Here’s the link for downloading free Assassin’s Creed Mod apk for free-

·      How to install Assassin’s Creed IDENTITY Mod apk

1.    First, click on the link provided above.

2.    Download the Mod apk file which would be of some MB’s.

3.    Install the downloaded file in your smartphone.

4.    Copy the OBB(Opaque Binary Blob files) in the game’s folder.

5.    After successful copying ,run the game in your phone.

But if this method doesn’t work , worry not, we are also providing you the link of Assassin’s creed mod apk + data.

·       Assassin’s Creed IDENTITY Mod apk + Data

Here’s a link to download Mod apk + data-

Link for apk file-

Link for data file-

·      How to install Assassin’s creed apk data-

1.    Download both ,apk and data file from the link provided above.

2.    Make sure downloading from unknown sources is enabled on your smartphone.

3.    Now , install the game but don’t run it. Also make sure your data connection is turned off.

4.    Use Winrar to extract the data file.

5.    Now , move the extracted OBB files to your game’s folder in your internal memory.

6.    Launch the game and enjoy.

·      Review –Assassin’s Creed Identity

1.    IGN(Imagine Games Network)- IGN community has given a decent rating to the game i.e 7.4 – GOOD. They say that this game brings back the reminiscence of old Assassin’s Creed games to a new platform of Android. They praise the use of Unity Game engine which makes stunning graphics through different models and textures.

2.    Destructoid- Destructoid has given 6 rating to the game and called the game good but shallow. They praise the touch perspective provided by the developers to adjust the game for smaller screens and also the work done to prevent any stuttering in the game but also denounced the incapability of the game to keep you hooked up for much time. Also the inclusion of micro-transactions upto $24 makes it too much of cost.

3.    Gamerankings- Gamerankings has given 7.4 rating to the game. It acclaims the sheer precision in graphic building and designing. It also applauds realistic outlook of the game and sublimity in creating a well working game for different platforms for which earlier it was not used to build.

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Atlast , the ASSASSIN’S CREED IDENTITY APK game is quite good with its depictions but has a lag in hooking the user up. The game could be best way for a beginner to get introduced in the Creed’s universe and for an Assassin’s Creed fan , the game could be a new sort of experience with old gaming in a new platform. You can also read and download games of same  genre such as Download bloons td 5 apk , Download Hitman sniper apk  etc.

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