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Released by Square Enix, Hitman Sniper mobile shooting game which  is a first person shooting game with new kill techniques involved in it. Lets look at some of the features, requirements, reviews etc of the game.

Hitman Sniper is first person shooting game in the shooting gallery genre.  The lead character of the game is our all time favourite AGENT 47. The game’s objective is similar to that of its previous PC’s version where you have to kill or assassinate a prominent personality or a political figure. The game’s main motive and attraction is the quick and sharp ways to kill and accomplish your objective. The game overall is exciting as well as brainy where some of the tasks could take skill as well as brain of yours. This clever thinking of game developers is one of the main reasons why you should checkout this game.

The game is readily available at Playstore and Applestore but we know what you truly desire. Hitman apk is easily available in the web.
Here’s a link to download Hitman Sniper Apk/ Hitman Android for free-

Developer- Square Enix
Game size- 499 MB
Android- 4.1(Jelly Bean) and up.
Content Rating- 18+
Minimum RAM- 2 GB.
Contains In-app purchases.
For best gaming experience-Nvidia Shield; IPhone 5,6 and above,Samsung Galaxy S5,S6 and above, Sony Xperia Z series, Google Pixel, HTC M9 etc.
You can change your device by linking your account with Facebook, Linkedin etc.
Internet connection not necessary but still advised to have one, preferably 4G.


1.    LOCATION- The region is set in Montenegro( a Balkan country), where missions are given near a villa in a rugged terrain with mountains. The depiction is quite good but the major issue with the game is its location itself which never changes. The location remains same throughout the missions with changes occurring only at methods of killing and characters. This is the only prominent problem because it not only makes the game dull but also doesn’t have enough build-up to keep the user glued to it.

2.    GAMEPLAY- The gameplay of Hitman Sniper is similar to its PC’s versions in a sense that you have to kill and execute targets using different methods of stealth and slyness but in this game you have to execute using only sniper( which is justified in the label of the game). Different methods are still used to kill targets, for eg- shooting explosives near target, damaging the floor on which target is present etc. Points are granted according to the perfection of the kill ,with headshot with complete stealth granting most points.  
The player also has to be cautious about not hitting civilians as in some missions civilians casualities are to be none. The game contains around 150 different missions to complete. The cliff-hanging gameplay makes it a really engaging game.

The lead character is our admired, ruthless assassin AGENT 47 who’s executing techniques are beyond doubt. The character is in his usual outfit of black suit and shoes. The character can change a bit of its outfit and its weapons as the player proceeds further in the game. The stealthiest ways in which targets are encountered leaves us quite tempted with the protagonist.

The graphics of the game is pleasing as this game uses Unity engine. The scenery of mountainous terrain of Montenegro is well captured by graphic design team. Also the creativity added in the game for different tasks requires neat visuals which are also well handled.
The controlling part of the game isn’t too much complex with majority of the time requiring to zoom in and out throughout the game. The targeting process is truly smooth and easy which makes killing multiple targets back to back elementary.
But the most fascinating part of the game without a doubt is it’s music which sounds a soothness in mind but with a grip of suspense engaged in it. It makes the user quite hooked up with the game.

     Hitman mod apk is easily available throughout the web. We will also be providing you with links of one of these mod versions. The mod version makes the game quite simple in terms of weapons and accessories. The advantages of mod version are-
1.    Unlimited money.
2.    Unlocked weapons.
3.    Secret items available.
4.    Other fixes and improvements.

Here’s a link to download free Hitman Sniper Apk Mod-


1.    Click on the link given above and follow their instructions.
2.    Download the apk file and after downloading install the file.
3.    Make sure your data connection/wifi is turned off during this process.
4.    Copy the OBB (opaque binary blob) file to your game’s location folder.
5.    Launch the game and enjoy.


1.    Playstore- The game has been given a good review by Google Playstore. The game has been awarded with Editor’s Choice for it’s quality. Refined, elegant and suspenseful game with a splendid music added to make it more comforting. They also praised the simplicity of controls and applauded the thinking of creator in making this game more tactical approached.

2.    IGN(Imagine Games Network)- IGN also praised the game by giving applause to its creativity. They said it’s innovative way of eliminating the targets makes it truly addictive. Not only the different ways of killing but after procedures like moving to safe places, getting to best spot for sniping, handling the dead bodies etc. But they also pointed out the foresseable placing of enemy guards. But overall , they acclaimed the game as to be good one and praised its lighting and thorough description of the surroundings.

3.    Touch Arcade- Touch Arcade gave a promising and good review of the game praising how the game takes even the simplest of tasks of aiming and shooting and gave it an another level of intricacy. They also liked the learning process in-built in the game which helps you an impulse and intuitive feeling what may possibly lie ahead. But they also expressed discomfort with the idea of same unchanging location which creates a sluggish nature of the game. They said a bit diversity in region would have made the game pitch-perfect. Overall, they gave good ratings because of clever and dark thrills provided in the game.

Atlast, the game is well-versed with graphics, originality, music etc but lacks a constant change in region. The game adds a new adventure for the fans of Hitman franchise and is fitting for gamers seeking great sniper experience. Other similar games are Bully Apk Download Free ,  etc. 

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