Infinite Flight Simulator for Free

Infinite Flight Simulator Free Download

                         Infinite flight simulator is a fully fledged airplane simulation game developed by Flying Development studios L.L.C for major platform like ios and Android. Infinite simulator reaches to maximum level of realism of flying airplanes on mobile devices.

                           This is a full feature simulation game and if you ever dreamt of flying an aeroplane in your childhood infinite simulator must be in your smartphone. You will be having all the controls in this virtual game and it feels just like a reality. The developer tries to provide audience a little bit experience to become a actual pilot of various air transport. Aircraft such as Airbus, Boeing, Cirrus, Embraer are included in total of 35 amazing well detailed aircrafts.
                               You can fly to 14 different countries and fulfil the appointed task which can easily covered thousands of kilometres of space. Airports in the game correspond to reality as there are runways and taxiway with minute details and proper attention has been paid over these aspects. Due to changing weather and landscape conditions making it the most beautiful simulator on mobile devices. We provide the link to download infinite flight for free.

 Features Of Infinite Flight Simulator Apk-

·        Fully featured flight simulator game
·        35 aircrafts (17 included + 18 in the moded version )
·        14 regions covering thousands of kilometres
·        Takeoff and landing introductory lessons
·        Advanced Autopilot flight simulator (checks on Altitude, vertical speed and directions)
·        Contains advanced replay systems and updated weather and time conditions
·        Include balance and weight configurations making it easy and advanced
·        Now you can flight no matter day or night
·        Improve skills by camera and replay systems
·        High quality graphics including proper layouts of runway and taxiway with immersed sounds.

 Infinite Flight Simulator Mod Apk Download-

                       Infinite Flight Simulator Mod 16.13 + apk is the latest Mod version of the game. Now you can unlock more than 35 aircrafts. Major projects such as Qatar air bus are also included. You can manage all the flights at once for difficult tasks. The size for Mod apk is just 57.8MB and you don’t have to root your phone. It’s 100% safe to download the moded version.
The download button is the single direct link of infinite Flight apk unlocked with unlimited everything.

Supported Android version for Infinite Flight Apk-

· Jelly Bean (4.3-4.3.1)
· Kitkat (4.4-4.4.4)
· Lollipop (5.0-5.1.1)
· Marshmellow (6.0.0-6.0.1)
· Nougat (7.0-7.1)

Installation of Infinite Flight Simulator-

1.    Firstly, click on the link above to download the mod apk. Make sure you have uninstalled the previously downloaded BTD 5 as it may produce some error during the installation of modded apk.
2.    The download might be blocked by your antivirus/ phone. You can change this by checking the “Download from external sources” in your phone settings.
3.    Then make sure to turn off your internet data or your wifi.
4.    After downloading, run the apk through package installer. A warning may be given but select “Download anyway”.
5.    When the installation is complete, run the apk by clicking on it. You can also turn on your data after this.

6.    You may be asked to update the app but make sure to decline it everytime.
7. And there you go, your jet plane ready to go around the world to tackle as many challenges and overcome them.

Review of Infinite Flight Simulator-
1.    Playstore – Playstore has given a decent, 4.3 rating to Infinite Flight Simulator. They complimented how the game bids one of the most extensive simulation experience of flight on a smartphone platform. Different weather and climatic conditions, day and night, various terrains and multitude spectrum of other factors makes the game truly inventive and complete. They also liked how the game was made in a compressive form and takes very less space and gives a good amount of practice to young pilot enthusiasts.

2.    Pocketmeta – Pocketmeta has appreciated how the app is truly a simaulation app rather than a gameplay app like most of others. They felt the simulation is to major of its extent is true to its nature and gives a reakistic feeling to the user. The app is what pilot wannabe should try to get some idea of real flights. They liked how the developers have delivered physics, aero dynamics, atmosphere, controls etc. Adding to this is the fact how developers have listened to users for better feedbacks and reviews since the game has been released. From adding new locations to desired aircrafts, they have worked constantly to keep the audience sticked to the game. They said the game is principled and creditble as it helps pushing your piloting skills to better extent.

3.    Engadget – Engadget considers Infinite Flight Simulator to be the best flight simulators in the app store. But they also had a small reason to criticise it, they said while the planes are extremely detailed, the surroundings and structures too basic and ordinary which can be a little cringy at times. 
                         They also criticised how the simulator requires too much of money, smulator itself is high-priced and over that there’s in app purchases also included making the game quite pricey. Despite this, they acclaimed the simulator    for its striking amount of content in little kit.
                  Overall, the Infinite Flight Simulator is an effective tool for understanding the basics of flight combined with the fun of playing interactive and innovative game. Therefore, a must have app for Flight lovers.   

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