Limbo is an arcade puzzle solving game developed by Playdead. The game is set in 2D with side scrolling and the main task of the game is to guide the protagonist through scary and hazardous traps.
The protagonist is a young boy wandering in a scary jungle to seek out for his missing sister and the goal is to save that boy from deadly obstacles that came along in his way to find her missing sister and in this process the hero find himself in limbo.

The game is set in a dark background and all the things including the hero of the game is also a silhouette and all you can see his bright white eyes which goes dark too when the hero falls in a trap and the game again begins from its last checkpoint. The game allows users to move the protagonist forward and backward motion. The boy can jump to catch ladders and ropes to save him from deadly traps. Some levels of game need high level of thinking; it will seriously test your brain. The game has excellent seamless graphics with an amazing and beautiful story. The game has 38 chapters with increasing difficulty at each stage. Bounce over limitations, bounce over system, avoid giant spider monsters and locate hero’s sister.


     ·         Consist of only 38 chapters with increasing difficulty
·         The game is so addictive and time consuming, can easily make you stare at the mobile screen for hours.
·         The levels are brain scratching and can make you struck for hours on same level
·         The controls in the beginning may look hard but can easily be adaptable after 3-4 levels
·         Black and white noir design with minimal sound.
·         Majorly performed on material science motors providing access to various encompassing items
·         Areas possess large amount of mechanical, gravitational and electrical traps which are fatal and only be known after turning the hero into heap.
·         Instances of huge size spider and other insects can be seen, and are difficult to kill.


           ·   Jelly Bean (4.3-4.3.1)  

           ·    Kitkat (4.4-4.4.4)

           ·    Lollipop (5.0-5.1.1)
      ·    Marshmellow (6.0.0-6.0.1)
      ·    Nougat (7.0-7.1)

Download Limbo With OBB Data

Click on the Limbo Download button to start downloading for free. Wait for couple of seconds, the downloading will begin automatically. The first button consist of the latest version of hitman apk and for downloading the obb files click the button just beneath the apk button. Hit the download button and you are ready to go.  

In this version of Limbo apk we will provide full game consisting of 38 chapters and by the game difficulty you might gonna have to watch walk-through because there are some hidden places which you cannot able to find in first go but they are readily available on youtube. 



     ·       After downloading the required files, Make sure you turn off Wifi and cellular data and install the LIMBO APK FULL
·        Extract the Obb zip file directly to sdcard/Android/obb or copy the file com.playdead.limbo.full to
·         Create a new obb folder if it doesn’t exist in sdcard/Android.
·         Launch the game and it should not longer say “data files needed to download”


In the end limbo is a game which is pretty close to perfection, stunning in every way. This is a beautiful game that plays seamlessly. The graphics and sound are exceptional. The puzzles are right amount of difficult that you don’t get frustrated and you could only wish for more levels though the ending seems just like another level, I wish they had created some difficult puzzle in the ending. The major drawback of the game is the controls aren’t very easy but can easily be learned over some time. This game is truly exceptional and I recommend everyone to give this game a try!

Reviewers and Awards

"Limbo is as near immaculate at what it does as an amusement can get.

"10/10 – Destructoid"The amusement is a magnum opus." 

5/5 – GiantBomb

"Limbo is virtuoso. Freaky, peculiar virtuoso. Aggravating, awkward virtuoso." 

5/5 – The Escapist

"Dim, aggravating, yet frightfully delightful, Limbo is a world that should be investigated."           

5/5 –JoystiqVictor of more than 100 honors, including: Gaminformer's 

"Best Downloadable"Gamespot's "Best Puzzle Game"Kotaku's "

The Best Indie Game"GameReactor's "

Computerized Game of the Year"Spike TV's 

"Best Independent Game"X-Play's 

"Best Downloadable Game"IGN's "Best Horror Game"

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  1. Thx !!! Limbo is a great games. There are several levels that are quite difficult to resolve.
    So I tried to make a limbo game guide to help the player. Here the link:


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