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My Boy Emulator
My Boy Apk is an Emulator which allows you to play Gameboy’s Advance Games on your smartphone/android. It is a leading emulator and have lots of games. Let’s look at this app more closely and review some of its features and specifications.

                    My Boy Emulator is an app developed by Fast Emulator for playing Gameboy Games. For those who don’t know what Gameboy is, it is an 8-bit handheld game console created and manufactured by Nintendo. So what My Boy does is that it allows you play Nintendo’s Gameboy games on your android device. Mind you this emulator is not a product of Nintendo company and it is released by an independent company. This app thus brings the joy of Nintendo’s games to our android platform opening a new set of brilliant games at our hands. Let’s look at some of the specs of this app.

·       System Requirements-

Developer- Fast Emulator
Download Size- 2.21 MB
Content Rating- 3+
Android – 4.1(Jellybean) and above
Minimum RAM- 2 GB
Contains In-app purchases ( can easily be run by any moderate device as this game app does not require much specs after all).
Only emulator that supports link cable emulation without hanging much at a fitting speed.

·      My Boy Free Download-

Here’s a link for My Boy Download/ My Boy Free-

Conventionally, the app is easily available at the playstore and the appstore in IOS.

·       Game/App’s Backdrop-

1.    The App- As you already know that this app is a platform provider for running Gameboy’s games on android. This gives the android users a sneak-peak over the other platform games. This emulator is also an advanced version; therefore we can easily play complex games in it. There are several cheat codes also present in it which helps in smooth running of the games.
                         Another good thing about this is that it consumes very low battery which makes it one of the most efficient emulator in the market. Although in playstore you will only be getting the demo version and you will have to pay for full-version.
NOTE- The app is only an emulator and does not contain any games, the games have to be downloaded or bought by the user only.

2.    Features- The app/game has loads of features. Some of them are provided below-
1.    The app is of very low specs, hence it can run almost on any device.
2.    The battery consumption is very low.
3.    Only emulator that supports link cable emulation without hanging much at a fitting speed.
4.    Cheats are easy and can do many multi-tasking.
5.    Quite good graphics for an app of so low specs.
6.    The app is user-friendly with an innovative fuse and interface.
7.    One of the best feature of this emulator by far is that the user can slow down or fast forward the games as per their like. (They can skip character interaction or slow down levels for better controls).

3.    Full Version- The full version of this app can be bought by doing some In-app purchases. Full version contains many features absent in free-version. Some of them are given below-
1.    The Full version contains no ads, this makes the app least annoying.
2.    You can also sync your saved games with your google account.
3.    Another great feature is that android motion sensor is used as gyroscope sensor in the emulator.
4.    You can connect with your friends to play many different games.
5.    Single cheat comprises of multiple lines of codes making it straightforward and uncomplicated to execute commands.

·      My Boy mod apk-

The mod apk is essentially the full version of My Boy app.
Here’s a link to download My Boy mod apk for free-

·       How to install Pro Pack-

1.    Firstly, click on the link above to download the mod apk. Make sure you have uninstalled the previously downloaded My Boy emulator as it may produce some error during the installation of modded apk.
2.    The download might be blocked by your antivirus/ phone. You can change this by checking the “Download from external sources” in your phone settings.
3.    Then make sure to turn off your internet data or your wifi.
4.    After downloading, run the apk through package installer. A warning may be given but select “Download anyway”.
5.    When the installation is complete, run the apk by clicking on it. You can also turn on your data after this.

6.    You may be asked to update the app but make sure to decline it everytime.

·       Review- My Boy Emulator

1.    Playstore- Playstore has given My Boy a 4.6 rating ( quite good). They applauded the app for its low size and great unity and compatibility. They like how the app mirrors almost all aspects of actual Gameboy very realistically.
                       They critiqued how the game flickers sometimes causing disturbance but it is rare. Synching with google drive makes the storage of game quite simple and painless.

2.    Technorms- Technorms hasn’t rated the app but they have given only a review of what they thought about it. Technorms seemed to have been impressed by the emulator saying “It is the best Gameboy advance emulator” presently in the market.
                       They acclaimed the fact that the app can run games at 60 FPS even on a low/medium end device. They liked the apps compatibility but what they liked the most is BIOS emulation which makes fixing errors of app and games straightforward. Only thing they didn’t like was the absence of save option in free version due to which you can only save in-game. Their final thought was that even though a bit expensive, My Boy has some quality emulation features which makes it all worth.

3.    Android junkies- They also haven’t given any rating to the game but has asserted that the app is truly great. They praised the customizable controls of the games giving user all the freedom of having controls according to themselves.
                           The cheat files are also supported in the app, thus very easy to finish off of any game and the dynamic graphics of the app makes it quite intriguing app.

                  In the end, the app is costly, but the services catered by this app makes it worth it. The app is therefore a must for players wanting to have Gameboy’s experience on their android phone.

You can also check for another emulator called Happy Chick.


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  2. Hey Great to See you guys growing your blog rapidly.. please check my blog and leave a comment thank you


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