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      Kingdom Rush Origins Apk/ Kingdom Rush apk is a Tower Defence game developed by Ironhide Game Studios which centres around defending your tower from enemies using strategies provided in the game. Read further to get a good glance on the game itself.

             The title of the game is set to Kingdom Rush Origins because it explains the origins of the battle that is events that occurred before Kingdom Rush Frontiers, it tells a bit about events that led to Kingdom Rush. It is the third-lined up game of the Kingdom Rush franchise which is popular and has won quiet a number of awards. Your objective of the game is to make your army and work on defending your lands from the enemy by making different strategies, using different weapons and many more things. The game tests your commanding skills as you have to think about your next move and be a step ahead to make sure you win as you move forward.

Kingdom Rush Apk-
Here’s a link to download Kingdom Rush Origins Free -DIRECT DOWNLOAD

The game is also available at Playstore for android and Appstore for Apple at a price.

System Requirements –
Developer – Ironhide Game Studios
Download size – 241 MB
Android – 4.0 (Jellybean) and above
Content Rating- 7+
Minimum RAM- 2 GB
Contains In app purchases
Internet Connection Required (preferably 4G)
Any moderate device can easily run the game as it does not require much specification and have low graphics.

More about the Game –
1.    Objective-  As any of the tower defense game has its main objective to defend its towers, lands, resources, the main aim of this is also the same. You have to engage in variety of battles in the elven land and magical realm. The defense has to be strong enough to withstand the attacks on it. You earn rewards to collect weapons and buy new spells, unlock new heroes with their own specialities and capabilities. The game is similar to its previous editions in a sense of similar backdrop such as elven forests and magical realms but it also offers much more and much different than the previous versions.
                      For winning battles, you get more coins from which you can form a bigger army of elven archers, troops, infantry, mystic mages etc.

2.    Heroes and Villains – The good thing about the game is its creativity and variety in almost every aspect of the game. You can upgrade your towers upto eight new udgrades. You can use wizards magic, magical trees to eliminate your enemies. You can unlock heroes having their own special powers and abilities to surpass and destroy the enemy armies and their bosses.
              There are also loads of enemies present in the game. There are more than 30 enemy types present in the game with every enemy having its own speciality and powers. These include giant spiders, Twilight army, gnolls etc. Every step/level has its own boss enemy, one which the strongest in that particular level. Defeat them and you are good to go.

3.    Features -  Various defense strategies have to be applied to obliterate the enemy. At first it’s all piece of cake as almost every one of us is capable of doing that and doesn’t require much of tactics but as we approach ahead, things seems to become much tougher and any noobie who doesn’t have much ability to manage their resources, will surely  be not able to win further.
                                     For these reasons only, the gameplay is separately made for veterans and noobs. The modes present are Classic, Iron and Heroic. You are also provided with in-built encyclopaedia in which you can study towers, heroes, enemies etc to build upon your tactics. The game also comes in more than 6 languages so that the online community can play without having hindrance in understanding the game.

Kingdom Rush Origins Mod apk-
Here’s a link to download Kingdom Rush mod apk/Kingdom Rush Mod for free –

·       How to install Mod Pack-

1.    Firstly, click on the link above to download the mod apk. Make sure you have uninstalled the previously downloaded Kingdom Rush Origins as it may produce some error during the installation of modded apk.
2.    The download might be blocked by your antivirus/ phone. You can change this by checking the “Download from external sources” in your phone settings.
3.    Then make sure to turn off your internet data or your wifi.
4.    After downloading, run the apk through package installer. A warning may be given but select “Download anyway”.
5.    When the installation is complete, run the apk by clicking on it. You can also turn on your data after this.
6.    You may be asked to update the app but make sure to decline it everytime.
This is it, simple as that and now you are ready to protect your kingdom and blow your enemies.

Review –
1.    CNET – CNET, one of the leading sites has given a massive 5/5 stars to the game. On the basis of rating, they have given 9/10 to Performance, Interface, Setup while the have given a complete 10 to Features. It’s quite clear that they liked the features of the game the most and they are not wrong for choosing it. They liked how the game theme was kept the same with addition of new content and new tactics.
           The bad part of the game for them was that separate versions were created for IPads and IPhones and syncing is not allowed from one device to another. But, overall they liked the strategic nature of the game.

2.    Playstore -  Playstore has given a good rating of 4.8/5 to the game. They have praised the creativity of the game. How this game engages you in itself is really mind blowing. Iron-Hide studious did a marvellous job in creating one of the best Tower Defense games of the year.

                    So, in a totality, the game is excellent in its approach and in some way better than it’s previous versions. Except the fact the heroes in the game are too costly and makes the game look dull for  certain period, it’s a truly one of the best game of its genre along with Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk and a must play for all the Tower Defense gamers out there.   

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