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If you are an avid music listener and want to track even the most latest track then congratulation, you have come to the right place. with it's vast database of high quality music Spotify Premium apk is truly the king of all music apps. you can find any song of any artist with maximum quality. Spotify is a service which provides its users with  music, video, podcasts streaming etc from all over the world. The music varies from pop, club, country etc with different artists. It is one of the best music app out there and here’s what this service offers.

Spotify is often termed as a freemium service because it provides some basic facilities cost free which you can upgrade to Spotify Premium apk to get more of the facilities that are provided there. You can join Spotify from their main site or you can download their app also from their main site or playstore to get the music you want and enjoy. Their app is available on almost all the famous and most used platforms such as Android, Mac OS, Windows and others. It has a collection of more than 25 million songs in it and also has podcasts from different individuals and shows around the world.

System Requirements-

Developers – Daniel Ek (Founder), Martin Lorentzon (Co-Founder)
Registration requirement – Yes
Contains In-app Purchases
Minimum RAM- 2 GB
It’s a basic and simple app and it doesn’t require much high specifications. It can simply run on a simple moderate-running device.
Spotify Premium Free Apk/Spotify mod apk download-

Here’s a link to download Spotify Premium apk/ Spotify cracked apk

More about Spotify cracked apk –

Some of the great things about Spotify/Spotify cracked apart from its collection is that it’s user friendly interface which makes searching for songs a cake walk. From songs to artists to different languages and countries, you can find almost all the song’s the user desires (“almost” is being used because there are songs, podcasts and videos which obviously be not available due various reasons). Spotify’s collection is just enormous and in terms of quality, it is excellent at it too. The company has a reputation which they have to maintain and thus only high quality songs and videos are present.

Some of the salient features of Spotify cracked verison 

1.    You can search hundred of songs from their collection with a user-friendly interface and search module.
2.    You can form your own playlists and add the songs you like to find them all in one place.
3.    You can also explore songs having the same genre.
4.    You can also view all the top-chartered songs of the week and month from different charts all over the world. For eg – Billboard Charts, UK top charts etc.
5.     All the new releases can also be found in it almost instantaneously after their release.
6.    There are many pre-fabricated playlists present at default. They are based of Genres (Rock, Band, Club, Country, Pop etc) , Mood ( Happy, Sad, Travel, Romantic etc). They are also based on artists and singers.
7.    Spotify also provides the service of radio in which you can relax and let the app play music on its own according to your search history or preferences.
8.    Various podcasts are also available of different artists which you can used to listen and share ideas and thoughts with each other.

How to find music on spotify premium apk

Search: it allows users to search for a particular track, album or even the artist. type the song you want to listen and results will show all the version of song recorded and present in the database.

Discover: the app choose music on the basis of your previous searches or even provides curated playlists made by other like minded users, or you can just turn the radio on and set back but sadly you can't forward the tracks  

the app also provide suggestions about the top charts and new releases or the playlists of the 90's if you are into that sort of music. 

Difference between Spotify and Spotify Premium 

People often confuse Spotify with Spotify Premium thinking that they both are same whereas they aren’t.

There are major differences between them, let’s see a few of them.

1.    Spotify is a free service whereas for Spotify Premium apk, the user has pay. Premium service isn’t free.
2.    Ads are displayed in Spotify whereas Spotify Premium is ad free.
3.    You are also provided with the facility to download songs you love in Premium pack. This reason is what I considers that makes the Premium pack better than normal one.
4.    Some of the songs available in free pack aren’t open and are only opened in the Premium version.
5.    You can also skip as many songs as you want in Premium version which isn’t allowed in a free pack.
6.    Also the quality of music and videos is somewhat better in the premium version.
7.    Apart from playing any song and saving it for offline, another feature under premium pack is the Premium Family pack, which allows you to have multiple accounts and separate playlists for different persons in a reasonable cost.

·       How to install Spotify Premium Mod apk -

1.    Firstly, click on the link above to download the Spotify mod apk. Make sure you have uninstalled the previously downloaded Spotify App as it may produce some error during the installation of modded apk.
2.    The download might be blocked by your antivirus/ phone. You can change this by checking the “Download from external sources” in your phone settings.
3.    Then make sure to turn off your internet data or your wifi.
4.    After downloading, run the apk through package installer. A warning may be given but select “Download anyway”.
5.    When the installation is complete, run the apk by clicking on it. You can also turn on your data after this.
6.    You may be asked to update the app but make sure to decline it everytime.
7. download any VPN services install it and select region USA if you are living outside USA.
8. Sign up in the app with your gmail id and you're set
9. Enjoy uninterrupted music for free of cost.


CNET- CNET has given a applauding 4 stars out of 5 .They have given a positive review to it. They liked the community-based music collection which makes music just same as an idea which can be shared by everyone. Although they criticised how there are no live radios, only pre-recorded ones are present. The Premium family pack is also a bit costly. But overall, they quite liked the app due to its flexibility despite of ever growing competition with other streaming sites. They have given a rating of 9/10 for Setup, Features and Interface and have given a 7/10 for its Performance.

          PcMag- PcMag have rated Spotify with 4.5/5 which is an excellent rating. They praised the catalog of music provided by this service with a stupendous audio quality. They also disliked the same limitation stated by CNET i.e no live radios and the absence of lyrics of songs.They liked the apps ability to deliver at every stance altogether.


Overall, Spotify premium apk is a fantastic app that is one of the best if not the best in delivering and providing the best music streaming out there and a must-have for music freaks. The only major competition faced by spotify is apple music which is only available on ios phones gives spotify the major download base.

The only backdrop we could find in this spotify cracked version is that you cannot download songs to listen in offline mode but that seems a trade off since you don't have to pay $10 a month for just listening to music.


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