How to Download Paid Apps for Free on Android 2018


Hello friends today I am going to tell you about how to download Download Paid Apps For Free on Android 2018. If you are tired of downloading each and every app from this websites or the other then these apps which look like same as playstore provide everything for free of cost. Moreover these apps do not require any root access so you don’t have to worry about the whole tiring process of rooting your precious your mobile phone and voiding its warranty. So all you need is a working android phone and an internet connection :)

These are the apps with different features and names:

1.   Aptoide Aptoide is an app from which you can download all the games and apps available in playstore for free. It is an app developred by the site of the same name. It acts as an third-party appstore, hence everything in it is free. You can find and search almost all the apps from Playstore for Android and IOS devices. The size of the app is mere 19 MB give or take 1 MB.
 Another great thing about this is that it is based on community-drive i.e you can build, customize nad edit your own app according to your choice and upload them online. This makes it one of the best places to find the right thing you are looking for. You can even find apps generally not present in the normal appstores. The apps are also virus-free during downloads, thus providing the security provided by bigger stores. The only thing that is an issue is that in Playstore or Appstore, new updates are updated on regular and everyday   basis but this store does not update their apps regularly or lag in doing so. This is the only major flaw in this app. But altogether, it is an incredible app providing the best apps for free.

2.   Blackmart Alpha Blackmart is also an app serving as appstore from which you can download Paid Apps For Free.  This app due to its working is not available in the Playstore so you will have to google it. The file size is only 5.5 MB hence easy to download. The newest version of this app is compatible with Gingerbread and above. Users can save lots of money by using these cost-free apps without regretting about anything.
                           There is neither any necessity of an account, nor you have to sign in to an account to download. Searching is a walk in a park process, hence no need to waste time on scrolling hundreds of apps. The app is compatible with most of the android devices as well as IOS ones. Ratings from users are also provided so as to give others the general idea of the app and its performance, quality etc. The app is available in many languages maing it easier for users from all over the world to use it. Its downloading is pretty good. Overall, it is one of the best service that equips us with so many apps and games.
Blackmart Alpha

3.   Getjar Getjar is another app that allows you to download/install android Paid Apps For Free. It’s also one of the most recommended free apps provider in the market.It was developed by Llja Laurs under the parent organization Sungy Technology Corporation. The app is compatible with almost every android, IOS, Blackberry, Symbian devices and it works perfectly on both rooted and non-rooted devices equally. Some apps that are not available or launched in some countries can also be found easily here.
                               When you first install the app, some pre-loaded coins are provided to you by default. The user can then use these Getjar coins to purchase the paid apps without giving a penny. More coins then can be earned by trying and installing apps that are preset at their Offerwall. Another way of earning is by purchasing some apps which come with big discounts which compensates for the amount you spend on apps. The app is not available at Playstore but available on the official Getjar site. It’s features makes it almost a must have app on your device and using it for it’s benefits.

4.   AIO Downloader (All in one downloader)Here’s the fourth app which you can try out on your android phone that makes  Paid Apps For Free downloading feasible without much work to do.  The user can download this app via many sites that offer it but it is not available in any official appstores. You can search and discover new apps along with surfing the app. From music, games, weather, anti-virus and all other accessories and apps, all are present in it. What more, even the apps that are not allowed in your country or are restricted in your area can be searched and used by the user from this app.
                                      Surely you would be wondering that with all these pro’s, there must be some con’s like no safety and security. But even at that sector this app is best i.e the app also has the guarantee that the apk’s that are present are completely non-malicious and virus-free. The app’s are signature apk’s. The app is very easy to navigate and is quite easy to operate. The app is an ad-free app,thus a whole less irritating than many other apps which keeps on popping up their ads. All in one download, thus fulfils our interest with the best quality and should be tried atleast once by everyone.

5.   Free my apps This here is a bit different than other 4 mentioned above because this is a site and not an app but it is still the same in providing free apps without you having to pay anyone. In this site, all you have to do is sign in with your device. In the site, you earn points for downloading and trying some of the apps present. After earning a certain amounts of points you can redeem them through gift cards of Playstore, Amazon, Itunes etc. This is what makes this app different from others as you can use it for buying other stuffs and not just apps. What more, you would only need to download few apps after which you will have enough points to redeem them.
                            Getting back to apps, you can use it for IOS store as well without jail breaking your device. The site is really good and you should give it a try once and have a personal experience of it.

                    Here you have it, 5 apps that allows you to have Download  Paid Apps For Free on Android 2018. Try them all and share it with your friends and others to help them to save some bucks.


        1. First go to your settings and enable download from “Unknown sources”.
2. Download any app listed above and wait for it to get installed.
3. Search any app in the search bar that you want to play and enjoy.


So if you are a big gaming fan and you don’t have money to spend on playstore then you might checking these apps out. I find the best experience on Aptoide and it’s more or less your personal choice.
That’s it guys thanks for reading this article and investing your precious time.


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